Help For Trauma Education and Research is excited to team up with community clinics and non profits that focus on providing services to trauma survivors.

The funds we raise are used to train mental health professionals and paraprofessional involved in these organizations to implement Instinctual Trauma Response to process the traumas of the individuals they serve.

The intensive model of treatment is often preferred or required depending on the organization. This intensive model allows the person to gain momentum and have the focus to work through a complex trauma timeline and get the events stored in long-term memory. 

The ITR tasks are simple and non-invasive. A person can resolve traumatic events with much less stress, and in a short period of time.

HFTER also wants to make the, a web application tool, available to help make trauma recovery accessible to more people. It was designed to enhance the virtual experience with a facilitator or allow a person to do their own work if applicable. People can also do some work at home and bring it into their session to save time. After a person completes their work with a facilitator they understand how to do the ITR tasks and are empowered to do future work for themselves. The web app is a great tool to keep a person’s work in a private secure storage digital form for later reference.

ITR is an empowerment model.

Help us free people from the chains of the past, live in the present and thrive in the future. If you want more information on what is available now please fill out a contact form. We are just getting started!

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