Intensive Trauma Recovery LLC is a boutique virtual clinic that connects people across the nation to do intensive trauma recovery. The ITR Intensive Program is all individual work and with a customized schedule usually 2 to 6-hour days spread over a 1- 4 week period of time. Each person has a team including a client liaison to help with logistics, an ITR Certified Trauma Therapist or Counselor and Traumatologists. Intensive sessions are offered in-person, virtual or a hybrid.

This intensive model allows the person to gain momentum and have the focus to work through a complex trauma timeline and get the events stored in long-term memory. This allows their True-Self and Parts to establish new healthy neuro pathways for reactions, behaviors and beliefs. The ITR tasks are simple and non-invasive. A person can resolve traumatic events with much less stress, and in a short period of time. The person is empowered to do their own work in the future. 

Each person is given their own account on to have all their work accessible in any format.

The Intensive Trauma Program is $200/hour with a 20 hour minimum and the ITR Follow-up Coaching Program is $150/hour with a 5 hour minimum. We are self-pay and don’t accept insurance but offer other resources for financial assistance.  Most adults need 30-60 hours depending on their timeline.

Intensive Trauma Recovery has served 127 clients since 2019. Our clients primarily come from other therapist referrals or by word-of-mouth. We do little-to-no other forms of marketing at this point. Many of our clients are passionate about ITR and spread the word. 

We split the fee 50/50 with our contract specialists so they make very good money compared to the average pay. They can add to their base pay with repeat clients.

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