Social Services:

Baltimore County Department of Social Services has ITR® research that needs to be complied. Help For Trauma Education and Research has the right people, we just need to fund them. $5000

Help For Trauma Education and Research is actively supporting Dr. Terri Strodthoff from Alma Center and Dr. Dimitri Topitzes from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee to conduct a proof of concept research study using the ITR® approach. This research is crucial in spreading the word about traumatic stress and how it affects people and how to resolve it in a time-limited fashion. The Alma Center works with men from the Criminal Justice System, its re-entry program structure, and the results of that implementation effort. A group of 20 men on parole will have a 20-hour intensive program using the ITR model in addition to the traditional program reentry program, and a comparison group of men will only receive the traditional program. $30,000

Children’s Group Homes:

We are working to partner with University of Maryland and research using Instinctual Trauma Response® to start providing the new standard of a Quality Residential Treatment Program, not a warehouse. This work is crucial to do as soon as possible. Children are being warehoused and released right into hands of sex-traffickers every day in all our cities.

First Responders:

Help For Trauma Education and Research is looking to partner with a hospital to bring trauma psychoeducation and time-limited treatment to the staff. Using the ITR intensive program would radically change work quality of the medical and administrative staff and flow does to the patient satisfaction. Traumatic Stress effects everything!

Help For Trauma Education and Research wants to partner with police, firefighters and military to establish and train their Health and Wellness programs. Trauma psychoeducation with strategies to work in the middle of trauma and debrief in a healthy way. Intensive time-limited treatment should be available. The mental health providers working with them need to learn how to help them effectively.

More research projects are in the works!

What is the Mental Health Freedom Movement?

Dr. Tinnin and Dr. Gantt always have had empowerment (self-help and prevention) as a major part of their work. They joined the Hearing Voices Movement in Europe in the ’80s and now it has grown into the Mental Health Emancipation Movement worldwide. We call it Mental Health Freedom. The focus is taking back control and accessibility of our mental health. The MHEM is a grassroots movement of trauma survivors and supporters rejecting the medical-model’s initial step of heavy psychotropic drugs, and the broken 50-minute-hour-once-a-week-insurance-supported business model.

ITR recognizes “voices” or “parts” are natural consequences of trauma and are easily dealt with, including the suicidal voice/part.

Drs. Tinnin and Gantt said well over 50 percent of their trauma clients had “voices” or “parts.” It was really perfectly normal and after the event is finished with Graphic Narrative™, they are easily dealt with through a task called Externalized Dialogue™.

The ITR motto has always been: “Resolve the trauma first and see what’s left.”

Instinctual Trauma Response educates a person as to what actually happens to their body and brain during an overwhelming or life-threatening experience. The ITR program allows a person to quickly, gently, and effectively resolve their lifeline of events within a few weeks. ITR is being introduced to the world and will revolutionize how we deal with traumatic stress. ITR is a leading approach for the Mental Health Emancipation Movement. Psychoeducation, services, and training to any and all.

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