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Help For Trauma Education and Research Inc is an Arizona 501c3. It was established to fund research needed to prove the long-term effectiveness of novel approaches to trauma treatment in the field, provide trauma-effective education for community and school clinics, and provide accessible and trauma-effective treatment to the world through services, technology and training. 

Eventually, ITR Wellness Centers will be open in communities to provide intensive and hourly trauma resolution services.

The ITR® sister companies all established to support each other in creating change in how trauma is regarded and treated in the mental health field and the world-at-large. Each member of this family of companies has its own role in the overall mission to free people from the chains of the past, to live in the present, and thrive in the future.

Our motto: Resolve the trauma and see what’s left.

Instinctual Trauma Response® is a novel method developed by Dr. Louis Tinnin (psychiatrist) and his wife, Dr. Linda Gantt (art therapist). The approach draws from a range of evidence-based and promising practices and methodologies (i.e. art therapy, EMDR, CBT, narrative therapy and parts therapy) However, what makes ITR innovative is the way in which the holistic method is prescribed and how “ITR works with the brain, the way the brain works.”

These companies are already making a significant impact on the country and furthering the Mental Health Freedom Movement throughout the world. 

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