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HelpForTrauma.org is the non-profit arm of two sister companies that include, ITR Training Institute, and Intensive Trauma Resolution. We are proud leaders in the Mental Health Emancipation Movement that is emerging based on the archaic brokenness of our mental health system. As it stands, the mental health system and its accepted practices for such a simple common thing as traumatic stress is a crime against humanity. We need to help stop this madness. Life is traumatic. Trauma is not a life sentence and it can be resolved.

Support us to support the Mental Health Emancipation Movement

HelpForTrauma.org is dedicated to researching, training, and expanding access to trauma-effective services world-wide. We believe access to healing trauma is a universal human right. Despite the mainstream belief, trauma resolution is simple and it can be done quickly in time-limited sessions. Anyone at any level of symptom severity will benefit from it. Trauma resolution can start the healing journey and help people recover and live to their fullest potential despite the adversities of the human experience. Our mission is to make trauma-effective approaches available throughout the world.


HelpForTrauma.org acknowledges that additional research is needed to find trauma-effective approaches. We believe combining approaches at the correct time in the healing process is crucial. Researching Instinctual Trauma Response® and the intensive program as the initial approach to resolving trauma in the non-medical and medical arenas is the primary focus for 2020 – 2022. We would like to expand the research to include the best next steps after ending the stories (Graphic Narrative™) which we believe are; continued Externalized Dialogue™ (parts work), bodywork (many options), and life coaching (life goals and accountability).

There is also research needed to establish ITR as an evidence-based approach and this will take a substantial amount of funding, but not much time as the approach is time-limited. Our commitment to research will ensure continued innovation and effectiveness of trauma resolution.


HelpForTrauma.org sees training and continuing psycho-education are essential to ensuring standards of care, improving outcomes for trauma survivors, and reducing compassion fatigue, burnout, and secondary traumatic stress for facilitators. We believe that professionals, paraprofessionals, peer-support, and caretakers working with trauma survivors should have the opportunity to learn how to support and guide trauma survivors through resolution using ITR. Government/public service agencies, schools, mental health community services, medical clinics, hospitals, and religious organizations would greatly benefit from being trained in the ITR approach.


HelpForTrauma.org believes everyone should have the opportunity to resolve trauma no matter their socio-economic level or location. The lifelong costs of unresolved trauma are staggering. We believe ITR is an effective treatment for resolving traumatic stress symptoms and having access to it would ultimately save lives. As we see with ACES study, the medical cost savings alone would impact every aspect of the global economy and the quality of life for every human

We have a special interest in Emergency Responders and their families. Their exposure to life-threatening situations, as a condition of their service to our communities and nation, often results in high rates of traumatic stress. Their care warrants thorough assessment and more options and accessibility need to be available for them immediately. Training their mental health support staff is crucial and needs to be a priority.

ITR Resolve Healing Centers

HelpForTraum.org knows an intensive healing center would be wonderful for people to have the option to use for their intensive program. This allows them to get away from their environment and focus on their healing in a beautiful and relaxing place.

In the near future, having ITR Resolve Centers next to every grocery store is the goal.


While in-person sessions are wonderful, they are not possible in many situations. Having accessibility to tools to use remotely with a skilled facilitator or having accessibility to the ITR app as a self-help tool is critical to reducing the levels of trauma in our world today. HelpForTrauma.org will fund technology innovations to help reach the world and make healing trauma accessible to all.


We are building our board and we are so excited to welcome our first member Health Educator Glenn Schiraldi

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